BioMoo From 18th Mar 99

ClareS turns the ClareS_recorder on.

ClareS says "Hi, welcome - before we start this meeting I would like to point out that I will have to go at 17:00 so it will have to be quite a short one"

Geraint says "Fine with me"

AndyS says "fine"

ClareS says "we are here to discuss the self assessment: I'll start by asking how it was for you?"

AndyS says "It was useful, but I must admit I havn't handed the answers in yet, but I have done all but one. Sorry (work!)"

ClareS says "did you find the questions straightforward?"

AndyS says "If I knew the answers."

ClareS says "don't worry about handing the answers in late. Do you think you'll be able to submit them before Monday?"

AndyS says "Yes, My plan is to get them on by tomorrow."

ClareS says "we will be posting mode answers early next week - and we won't be marking any that are submitted after then (for obvious reasons ;)"
ClareS . o O ( mode answers = model answers )

ClareS [to AndyS] fine!
Nada finds her way in.

ClareS says "is there any scientific issue raised by the questions which you'd like to discuss?"
SEG finds her way in.

Geraint says "Yes, I might have been stupid but I couldn't run down that cathepsin link. Do you want to tell me the answer in advance?"
Fulvio finds his way in.
ClareS is lagging very badly - will be back soon. Sorry
(ClareS has disconnected.)

SEG says "hello"
(ClareS has connected.)

Fulvio says "good afternn"hello"

ClareS says "sorry about that, it's very slow from Birkbeck today"
(SEG has disconnected.)

Fulvio says "may I ask a question?"

ClareS [to Fulvio] go ahead - if I don't answer you can always blame the computer

Fulvio says "which cathepsin was the subject of the self-assessment?" ClareS [to Fulvio]: sorry, I was looking it up; the question just mentioned "cathepsin"

ClareS says "not a specific one"

Fulvio says "thus the question refers to degradative role of all the cathepsin, its ok?"

ClareS says "we were expecting an answer in general terms"

ClareS [to Fulvio] yes, that's right
The housekeeper arrives to cart SEG off to bed.

ClareS says "we are just asking you to state generally the function of all the cathepsins and how this related to protein targeting"
ClareS is still suffering from a slow line - sorry..

Geraint says "@more"

Geraint says "getting very slow here now"

ClareS says ".. but are there any other specific questions to discuss?"

Fulvio says "it seems that the connection with Israel is difficult today"

ClareS says "it has been much slower than usual for the last couple of months. We might even have to look for a UK-based MOO"
(Fulvio has disconnected.)
(Fulvio has connected.)

ClareS says "a hint for anyone still confused about cathepsins - look up "cathepsin" in a well annotated sequence database like Swissprot and follow several different links"

ClareS says "anyone who wasn't here at 16:00 might not know that I have to go at 17:00 - so are there any more questions??"
ClareS . o O ( given the current speed it'll take us about 20 minutes to get through one or two )

Fulvio [to ClareS] what is exactly tje meaning of well annotatedODODODOD

Fulvio says "sorry, "well annotated data bank""

Fulvio says "you mean that is full of reeferences?"

ClareS says "yes, Swiss Prot is the perfect example of a well annotated data bank"

ClareS says "it is linked up *everywhere*..."

Fulvio says "links for cathepsin "

Fulvio says "can be found also at merops"

Fulvio says " also at prolisys"

Fulvio says " or prolysis, I don't remember now"

ClareS says "human cathepsin B for example: to the ENZYME database, protease database, lots of marked up medline refs, cross links, EMBL, PDB, Prosite etc., and rather a fun feature table viewer"

ClareS says "there's also"

ClareS says "any final questions? "
ClareS will try again to-nmorrow late evening - it *may* be faster then

ClareS [to Fulvio] the URL of prolysis, which you mentioned is http

Fulvio [to ClareS] thank you very much. Todat I am connected from my home and I cannot check the address, I must work only whith my small memory
(Nada has disconnected.)

Fulvio says "I remember that also in japan exist a big protease data bank but I don't remember the name...8.("

ClareS says "there are a lot of protease links from the two URLs I mentioned, that one *must* be there somewhere"

ClareS says "have fun searching! and thanks for your patience with this slow line"

ClareS says "I'll turn the recorder off now but by all means stay around and chat amongst yourselves"
(AndyS has disconnected.)
ClareS turns the ClareS_recorder off.