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Thu, 22 Oct 1998 19:19:23 +0100

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Date: 20 October 1998 11:25
Subject: PPS - UserID

>Hi Folks,
> The PPS98-99 Course has started and can be found at :-
> Section 1 of the course material has been released. To view this material
you will need a UserID and Password. The UserID is
>The password will be sent in a seperate email message (this makes for
slightly better security).
>You will get a formal welcome to the course from David Moss in the next
couple of days.
> Cheers,
> Dave H.
> Tech. Coord. PPS
I found this message a little confusing as I have previously contacted
Claire regarding my absence from this years course, due to unforeseen
circumstances and I am (or should be) on the list for information regarding
next academic years prices and course.
I hope this email will clear things up and result in my name being taken off
this years list of students, and condfirmation of being on the mailing list
for the next course.

Elizabeth Corbitt