Re: PPS - UserID

Cathy Gedman (
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 12:20:55 +0100

I am having real problems loging on to the site, I enter the user id and =
pasword but get no further. Have manage to assecess page once only when =
password did work.

regards cathy

>>> software <> 10/20 11:32 am >>>
Hi Folks,
The PPS98-99 Course has started and can be found at :-
Section 1 of the course material has been released. To view this =
material you will need a UserID and Password. The UserID is
pps99s. =20
The password will be sent in a seperate email message (this makes for =
slightly better security).
You will get a formal welcome to the course from David Moss in the next =
couple of days.
Dave H.
Tech. Coord. PPS