Re: RasMol

clare sansom (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 17:14:54 +0000 (GMT)


There is no problem at all with your using Chime instead, or even as
well, as Rasmol. However, you should note

* the supposedly beta (v.2.6b) version of Rasmol has been used by
hundreds of thousands of people over the last two years, with very few
* The later sections of the PPS course material contain a number of Rasmol
scripts which would need to be translated to be used with Chime. This is
* None of our material uses the unique features of Chime (yet - this will
change slowly)
* Chime version 1 lacks many of the features of Rasmol. Chime version 2
includes most of these but the alpha version was released for Mac/Windows
*last week* and there are no current plans to develop it for the SGI or
other Unix platforms. It is this that has prevented us from moving to
Chime before now.

Therefore, by all means try out Chime, but make sure you have a copy of
Rasmol available for those demos which really need it.

I hope that this helps. Good luck!

Best wishes,

Dr Clare Sansom
Coordinating Tutor, Principles of Protein Structure