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Steve C (cantie@globalnet.co.uk)
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 18:36:30 -0000

I'm having exactly the same problem. If I can get any answers I will notify


Steve Cantellow (PPS Student)

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From: Roberto Yunes <ryunes@fmed2.uncu.edu.ar>
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Date: 10 November 1998 18:04

>Hi folks, I got a problem: I was unable of opening pdb files by clicking on
its name (I was unable, of course, of seting up Rasmol as chemical/Mime on
>Explorer 3.0) By looking at the mosaic.ini I got a dead link. Do you know
what4s going on? It is necessary to use only Netscape or IE 3.0 is a viable
option? If not, is
>there any problem in using Rasmol as an standalone application instead of
as a helper application of our navigator? If not, what about Chime? Thanks
for your help.
>Roberto (a.k.a. Roby at BioMOO)
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