the 'lac repressor demonstration'

john nixon (
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 19:03:49 +0000

Hi folks, can someone give me a hand?

I've not had any trouble running Chime or Rasmol until I tried to run
Henry Brzeski's lac repressor demo. I thought perhaps it was because my
browser wasn't recent enough, but now I'm using Netscape Communicator
4.5 (and the November release of Chime 2) and still can't get it to

I guess it's because either my 'file options' or Netscapes 'general
preferences' are wrongly configured. Could someone who has the demo
working tell me what the relevant entries are in their 'options' and
'preferences' - or give me other advice which will get me running? (I
assume my set-up has a problem recognising .spt files?)



john nixon