Re: the 'lac repressor demonstration'

David Cavanaugh (
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 22:24:26 -0600

At 07:18 PM 2/1/99 GMT, john nixon wrote:
>Hi folks, can someone give me a hand?

How much memory do you have. I'm running Netscape 4.5 and the Beta version 2
and I had trouble, but it's because of the amount of memory I have (32 mb).
I did get some out of memory messages when doing certain things before it

- David Cavanaugh

> I've not had any trouble running Chime or Rasmol until I tried to run
>Henry Brzeski's lac repressor demo. I thought perhaps it was because my
>browser wasn't recent enough, but now I'm using Netscape Communicator
>4.5 (and the November release of Chime 2) and still can't get it to
> I guess it's because either my 'file options' or Netscapes 'general
>preferences' are wrongly configured. Could someone who has the demo
>working tell me what the relevant entries are in their 'options' and
>'preferences' - or give me other advice which will get me running? (I
>assume my set-up has a problem recognising .spt files?)
>john nixon